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Exploding onto the scene is the new Hamilton musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda holds nothing back in this epic hip-hop rendition of Alexander Hamilton's life. The musical was inspired by a biography written about Hamilton by Ron Chernow. During its rookie three month run at the beginning of 2015 the critics and audiences alike could not praise the show enough. It's anticipated release in the middle of 2015 is causing a buzz on Broadway. Tickets are highly sought after and Broadway audiences are eagerly anticipating to experience it. The ingenuity that composer, performer and lyricist Lin-Manuel shows by connecting the life of Alexander Hamilton, hip-hop and a broadway show is astounding. The music is aggressive, poetic and moving. The story telling done in the hip-hop genre is compelling and works so well in many levels. It leaves the audience appreciating the life of an historic figure in contemporary terms. We either learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it. Bringing a voice to history in a such a unique way not only entertains but inspires. Telling America’s story in such a powerful way has already won it awards. Definitely a show not to be missed. Hamilton on Broadway is literally changing the game in theatre.

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