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Billy Joel

Tickets for Billy Joel’s 2015 tour are very hard to find and there are only a few shows remaining. Billy Joel made his big break by signing this first solo artist contract in 1972 and he has been successful ever since. Billy Joel has been admitted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame and been given the Grammy Legend Award. He is still continuing to grow as an artist. According to a recent review, Billy Joel has achieved an absolutely nonchalant stage presence: cracking jokes and effortlessly taking a trip down memory lane with his fans. Throughout his set, Billy Joel performs songs but other artists such as ZZ Top, AC/DC, and more. Where else can you hear a harmonica cover of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”? At every Billy Joel concert, he performs a unique version of his famous hit, “Piano Man.” He brings together some of the finest moments in music from many different artists. During his concerts, Joel likes to keep the talking to a minimum and focus solely on the music which is what he does best. Make sure to get tickets now and go to one of his amazing shows. Check back often because we are constantly adding new inventory.

Billy Joel Tickets

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